Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Waffles that appease every taste bud

DELY Waffles is a family business that has mastered the know-how of frozen waffles for three generations. In 2001, Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois created the company under the name of “DELY Waffles”. Very quickly, DELY Waffles became a recognized company and made its reputation throughout the world. In constant growth, DELY Waffles then decided to move in 2009 from Eeklo to Mouscron, Belgium, in order to be able to meet the increasing demands of its now international customers. 

Ellen and Davy later settled in ​​Estaimpuis in Belgium to allow Dely Waffles to rebuild and develop with a fleet of ultra-modern machines, where the most modern technologies are used, following the highest quality standards.

DELY Waffles offers three main products – Maxi Brussels waffles 4×6, Mini Brussels waffles 3×4 and Toaster round waffles. Maxi Brussels and Mini Brussels waffles are available in variants of yeast, butter, halal, oil free and kosher. Toaster round waffles are available in variants of chocolate, milk, cinnamon, fruits, multigrain, salt and gluten free.

The company produces a high-quality product on industrialized lines with the flavour and appearance of artisanal production. DELY Waffles customise their packaging depending on whether they are sold to the retail sector or to the food service sector.

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