Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Third party manufacturers of cosmetics & Ayurvedic products

Under custom manufacturing of cosmetics & Ayurvedic products, Zymo Cosmetics offers third party manufacturing or contract manufacturing of cosmetics & Ayurvedic products. They help brand owners to develop product formulas and packaging, under contract manufacturing. They follow the cosmetics or Ayurvedic formulas that their client has developed, and they successfully translate them into the product they desire.

Zymo Cosmetics has developed various cosmetic and Ayurvedic products to offer under private label manufacturing. Based on their experience and knowledge, they choose some products which are most popular and demanding in their respective segment and offer them for private label manufacturing. The brand owners can easily have these products under their brand names with minimal customisations.

Face and body moisturizer cream, moisturizing gel with hyaluronic acid, emollient cream, body spectrum sunscreen gel with SPF-50, skin lightening serum, skin lightening gel, age defying cream, fairness cream, lip moisturizer and fairness lotion are the products offered by Zymo Cosmetics.


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