Monday, July 26, 2021

Third-party contract manufacturer of Cosmetics

Kazima Cosmetics provides third party contract manufacturing services and has been present in the cosmetics industry in Delhi for the last 11 years. Almost a quarter of a century Kazima has been the customized packaging manufacturing partner for many skincare brands in the country.

The company provides private label brands products and services for large established third party manufacturer supplier estheticians and other professionals. They formulate and manufacture professional-grade skincare that produce real results and customize the packaging of products according to client’s requirements. 

Kazima prepares beauty products, body lotion, cold cream, shampoo, aloe vera gel, face wash, face scrub, skin care cosmetics, hair shampoo, fairness cream, body scrubs, body washes, personal care products and pocket perfume.

The company creates custom cosmetics products formulations for the brand. They provide complete creation, packaging, designing, formulation and shipping and are formulating various cosmetics like face creams, face packs, lip care products, fresh look and also personal care products like hand wash, shampoo, gels and mouthwash. 

If the client has a concept for a custom skin care product like face scrub, C serum, spa face or any other product, Kazima helps conceptualize with their team of expertly trained sales associates who will work with the client to help bring to life the product. The company offers two types of custom formulations – one where they create a unique custom formula for client’s business where they make & package and second, they create the formula for the client to purchase and manufacture on their own. 

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