Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Switzerland-based premium cosmetic brand Labo Suisse forays into India

Labo, a Switzerland-based global innovative cosmetic products leader, has entered the Indian market in collaboration with Zee Laboratories. The company has debuted in the country with its celebrated skin and hair care product range, Cresina enhanced HFSC, Cresina enhanced anti-hair loss complete therapy and Fillerina 12 HA densifying fillers and creams.

Based on eight Swiss and European patents, providing essential proteins, peptides, and cyclodextrins to the hair, the Cresina range of products is designed for both men and women and is the first clinically developed dermo-cosmetic PRP and Minoxidil replacement treatments. Cresina enhanced HFSC is a dermo-cosmetic product that stimulates new hair growth and is recommended for a thin scalp. Cresina enhanced anti-hair loss complete therapy is used to counter premature hair detachment and helps support hair health.

For skin treatment, in a first, Fillerina 12 HA densifying filler, an at-home usable dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, provides a filling effect without the hassle of needles given its Swiss patented 12 differentiated hyaluronic acids complex. Increasing the volume of cheekbones and lips, the technology used in Fillerina 12 HA densifying filler allows large quantities of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin tissues and fills the deepest depressions of the face, be it age wrinkles or expression lines. 

Fillerina 12 HA densifying filler comes as a 14-day kit equipped with a filler gel, nourishing film, and a patented truncated tip applicator. Featuring 3 collagen and 2 elastin molecules with varying weight, the gel penetrates the dermis, hence providing a densifying effect.

On similar lines, the range of Fillerina Daily creams too is based on the hyaluronic complex that targets specific areas like the eyes and lips.

Speaking about the partnership and the launch of the products, Rohan Mukul, Director, Zee Laboratories said, “The strategic collaboration marks Zee Labs’ entry into the aesthetic dermatology segment in India, which is currently booming in the country. Zee Labs is a well-known name in pharmaceutical and affordable medicine, and through this strategic partnership with Labo, we continue our striding effort to bring the best quality wellness products in the country.”

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