Monday, January 17, 2022

Suppliers of tender coconut products

Madhura Agro Process (MAPPL), is located in Coimbatore, the 2nd largest coconut growing district in the world, and promoted by women agripreneurs. Disappointed with the seasonal nature of business and consistently low prices for tender coconut at the farm gate, despite high street prices; promoters of MAPPL, looked at opportunities to improve the fortunes of coconut farmers. 

They soon realised that value addition in tender coconut was the only way to establish a regular business, and put pricing power in the hands of farmers. If they could do it without increasing consumer price, the enterprise could deliver handsome rewards to all stakeholders.

All market surveys pointed to a growing demand for fresh juices and tender coconut water was right on top. A growth opportunity was staring the promoters in their eyes, and they decided to grab it with both hands. MAPPL has been formed with the explicit objective of improving the financial health of coconut farmers and all stakeholders in coconut farming, and at the same time give consumers the Nectar of the God’s in all its original splendour in convenient handy packaging.

Their products include pure tender coconut tender, tender coconut water blend, tender coconut water smoothie & shake, coconut sugar and cocofresh extra virgin coconut oil.

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