Monday, January 17, 2022

Suppliers of potato & banana snack items

Pranav Foods of Haripur, has made their own place in the banana and potato processing industry. There has been an increase in demand from customers for different types of wafers they have made in the past few years. They have influenced their brand in the market. 

Presently, the production of bhadang, banana wafers, potato chips, potato chiwda, makka chivda and dink laddu, pani puri, sabudana chiwda are produced. Every week, the product is sold directly to the shopkeepers of different districts.

Pranav Foods is an accomplished manufacturer and supplier of snacks. It was founded in 2002. They strive to continuously raise our benchmark by providing products of the highest quality and taste. 

Their products are made with quality ingredients sourced from the most trusted vendors. All their pure and fresh products are manually made under the most hygienic environment in their manufacturing unit. 

The company’s edible products are properly packaged in moisture proof packaging materials to retain their aroma and longer shelf life.

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