Monday, September 20, 2021

Suppliers of frozen fruits and vegetables

Phoenix Frozen Foods (Phoenix) has been established in 2018 with the objective to provide and supply frozen vegetables, fruits and authentic food taste of Indian cuisine to our customers across the world. We fully understand, comprehend and adhere to the level of quality, food safety and statutory compliance that food Industries and buyers expect from their suppliers today. Our Company retains the basic value of Indian taste and tradition, by offering and delivering indigenous variety of authentic products that are processed and manufactured from material procured from local markets, under the standards of global parameters set for quality, hygiene and food safety.

Phoenix has standard IQF technology, which instantly freezes the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. They are thereafter individually packaged, stored and shipped under suitable temperature and conditions. Thus, they retain their highest amount of nutritional value as well as goodness of flavor, aroma and texture. We preserve and protect food quality, using excellent, high technology equipment with facilities established with an integrated cold chain for frozen vegetables, fruits and ready to eat products including Indian Snacks, Flat Breads, Curries and Dairy Products as well as Gujarati and South Indian delicacies.

Our Sales and Marketing as well as Research and Development teams drive our business with innovative product concepts, standardizing its process and producing them on a scale that delivers consistency in a competitive market. Our process and people ensure that our products meet our customer’s expectations to deliver and meet the highest level of satisfaction.

We have a highly qualified team, with specialized and trained personnel in their particular fields that can work with regulatory practices. A highly qualified and experienced team of food technologists, along with microbiologists and professional chefs ensure and guarantee continuous and consistent supply of high quality products.

We follow the latest food safety standards such as GMP, ISO, HACCP, BRC, USFDA and FSSC-22000.

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