Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sanjeev Flexi Pack – leading the future of flexible packaging with innovation

Sanjeev Flexi Pack has identified the trends in the global packaging market and identified the most important trends, did research on the same and gave innovative solutions to their clients based on the same.

They use the best characteristics of plastic, paper and aluminum foil, without compromising on the product’s freshness, protection, durability, print-ability and ease of use. With their adaptable nature of product range and offering, light weight, reduced cost and improved shelf life, their flexible packaging films have become the preferred choice over traditional packaging materials.

Today specifically food & snack customers do not accept any of the packaging products if its original taste and crunchy quality is lost.

The company focused on this core requirement and introduced packaging materials with water vapor and oxygen barrier properties, moisture barrier films (HMB), metalized and latest corona-treated duplexes as well as a sandwich layered lamination and even aroma and oxygen barrier films. This allows them to help the customers to maintain moisture and gas levels. It helps a lot with biscuits, chocolates, chips and snacks.

Because of the availability of a wide variety of products available on shelf to the end customer, shelf appeal of the product is as important as its quality, and it has become a key component for the company’s research and innovation. Their revolutionary packaging provides better aesthetics and also a better visibility of the product, allowing brand owners and product designers to think out-of-the-box. They always explore round flexo and gravure printing with CtP flexo plates, laser engraving gravure printing cylinder and improvement of flexo, gravure ink technology, etc. Their packaging textures like matte, velvet, scuff-free and linen give a premium texture and look to the products’ packaging, thus creating a feeling of luxury in the minds of the customer.

In the last few years, sustainable and environment friendly products have become a priority for consumers and for brands. They help the brands to do away with traditional, non-environmental friendly packaging methods, focusing more on polymers film structures. The company’s research based combination of laminate structures gives sustainable output without compromising on the aesthetics and performance of the packaging. 

Based on the continuously increasing customer expectations, brands also will have to upgrade their product packaging to give exceptional customer experience. They bring intelligent packaging with the use of latest technology which can be applied to identify counterfeit products, boost consumer engagement with the help of smartphones, and avoid wastage through clear indication of freshness levels or expiry of the product.

They are also getting amazing results in their research in nanotechnology. It can be applied to address various areas like safety, packaging, processing, bio-availability, fortification, encapsulation, and pathogen detection among others. The nano materials used in the packaging are ‘smart materials’; they respond to the external environment, repair themselves or alert the consumers about contamination. 

Sanjeev Flexi Pack supports initiatives by the Indian government like ‘Make in India’ and providing the best of research based packaging for foreign brands and giving the global quality and technology to domestic brands also. If you are facing any challenge in your product packaging, drop them the need and they will be happy to give you the most innovative and excellent packaging solution.

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