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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Leading manufacturer of Tissue Paper based FMCG products


S. A. Paper Pvt. Ltd., the producer of 10’ON Brand Tissue Products, like Toilet Rolls, Napkins, Facial Tissues, Kitchen Towel, JRT etc, is a Kolkata based company and part of 70 year old group, connected with the paper industry related business, right from supplies of paper making raw materials from overseas, upto sale of finished paper sourced from major paper mills in India and abroad.

As a natural corollary, while looking at greener pastures for expansion, S.A. Paper started exploring possibilities of forward integration for the group, through production of various Tissue Paper based FMCG items. 

S. A. Paper’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with ultra-modern machinery complies with internationally recognized standards of manufacturing practices, ensuring that our products meet with stringent standards of hygiene, safety, and purity, delivering full customer satisfaction. For achieving these required standard S.A.Paper have secured ISO 9001 & ISO 22001 certifications in a very short time of its existence. 


  • With the Corona-virus crisis continuing to impact society, what role do you see private label suppliers playing?
    Post pandemic world will be drastically different in terms of individuals being much more hygiene conscious for healthier living and Tissue Paper products like 10’ON, will be essential part of that daily life.
    However, the role of private labels like 10’ON, will not be simply to offer a product which will help in promoting hygiene, it has also to take on the role of an educator informing the importance of this factor for healthy living. In post Covid India, we are planning for our future campaign in the said direction about how to stay safe and stay well by using 10ON Brand Tissue Products.
  • Do you see this as an opportunity to further increase the share of private labels in key essential categories?
    Yes, we are already seeing private players increasing their share in essential goods, especially for items like Tissue Paper, since citizens are being constantly advised by the medical fraternity, the administration, the welfare organizations etc, to use tissues for not only self protection, but also for ensuring the protection of one’s own next of kin, friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors etc. With this trend catching up, the Tissue segment will be presented with enormous opportunity to grow. 10’ON Brand Tissue and such essential private labels will just be waiting utilize those opportunities.
    A related area of opportunity will be the Medical segment, more specifically, in the field of medical examinations. For promotion of health and hygiene, medical examinations will now start using Tissue based items, which are easily disposable. 10’ON is looking at this segment with interest.
  • Any measures adopted to ensure there is not much shortage in supply of essential goods?
    In order to ensure uninterrupted supplies, 10’ON TISSUES have increased the number of senior technicians staying on-site. Also, for optimum utilization of the permitted level of workforce, in side the factory at given point of time, we had to ensure that all the available manpower is fully utilized, by helping them to protect against any sickness. In order to do that, we have provided all our workers with frequent temperature checks, gloves, face masks and shields, hair caps etc. In addition we have in place regular sanitization of the entire plant, together with all incoming and outgoing transport vehicles. These measures have helped us with smooth production and regular supplies of the final product.
    In addition, stock holding levels of all spares and consumables at our plant have been increased to make sure that the lock down does not, in any way, hamper our production for want of any input.
  • Have you introduced any new product categories to meet existing demand?
    We have increased production of some of our existing SKUs, which we foresee will have more demand. We are planning to launch bundle packs for items that are used in bulk for cleaning and hygiene.
  • As the situation improves, what advice do you have for the private label industry?
    Tissue consumption in India is still very low and At Home segment is only 30-35% of total consumption in India. Where as in western countries At Home segment is 60-70%. COVID 19 has created awareness among the people about hygiene and the role of tissue products in it. Therefore, it will be our humble suggestion to all those in the private label industry, to actively promote the use of Tissue Products like 10’ON , amongst the common people, to help the market to grow to its logical potential, which in turn will help the private label industry to grow and reap the benefit of an increased turnover.
    Currently, Private labels are focused primarily at low priced products. But time has now come to deliver the right product at the right price, so the final user can reap the benefit of a quality product, for which it is meant. After all, Tissue Products is one such item, where one cannot compromise when it comes to the matter of human health and hygiene, both of which are watch ward of a brand like 10’ON.
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