Sunday, January 16, 2022

Rossari Biotech forays into the future with personal care

Rossari Biotech forays into personal care and cosmetics with the new expansion in their product range that will span from everything that can help people become the best version of themselves. With this contemporary vertical, they are venturing into the market of cosmetics and beauty industry with their array of products that include cosmetics, hair care, fragrance, skin care and wellness.

Unique business model

Witnessing the demonstrated success of their business across diverse segments, for over 20 years, they are set to drive the all-new personal care segment with Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) model as a pinnacle for their array of manifold products.

The company follows an idealistic procedure that broadly focuses on:

‣ Consumer insights & innovative product design

‣ Responsible & efficient sourcing through their Center of Excellence

‣ Raw material procurement

‣ Strategic product positioning & manufacturing

Speed & agility

Known as the masters of customization, agility is an integral part of their business foundation. They take great pride in offering end-to-end solutions to their customers and meeting their demands with a quick turnaround with flexible manufacturing quantities. Thus, their new vertical in skin care & beauty will stand as another quintessential example of their speed and agility towards their customers.

Being class apart

In the wake of the current happenings, they have observed that the customer’s beauty-related needs are also transforming to more advanced and safer alternatives such as antibacterial and harmless solutions. The company understands that as a ripple effect to the current pandemic, beauty essentials are also expected to be affected by the new normal. Hence, they aim to provide their customers with innovative essentials that can address their personal hygiene and grooming related concerns.

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