Sunday, July 25, 2021

Producer & exporter of Laundry Soaps & Detergents

Maharaja Soaps is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of laundry soaps, detergents, toilet soaps and liquid cleaners since 1971. They deal in more than 15 products of various soaps and detergents under five brand names i.e., Maharaja, Somani, Moz, MST and Extra Kleen. Maharaja Soaps aims to satisfy their customer needs by providing them with a wide range of products.

The company’s products mainly include yellow laundry soap, brown laundry soap, white laundry soap, multipurpose soaps, transparent soaps, tub soaps, natural soaps, oil based soaps, pure oil soaps, glycerin based soap/bar.

Of late, many people have started washing their clothes with synthetic detergents. Depending upon the washing requirement Maharaja Soaps have developed hand wash detergent powder, machine detergent powder, front load detergent powders and top load detergent powder. Apart from detergent powder, the company has also introduced detergent cakes/ detergent bars. Their detergent range also extends to dish wash bars and dish wash tubs.

The company has also provided customers with a wide range of toilet soaps which is mainly divided into bath soaps, beauty soaps, ayurveda soaps and medicated soaps.

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