Sunday, April 18, 2021

Premium gourmet chocolate maker

Cacobean Chocolatier is a premium gourmet chocolate maker and part of a group company which is India’s largest producer of Cocoa.

The group has its own plantations, sourcing and processing facilities spread across the southern states of India.

Being part of a family with business in cocoa plantation and processing for more than 3 decades, Cacobean Chocolatier knows it all, from a cocoa bean to a fine chocolate.

Cacobean gourmet chocolates are produced to international standards in its own state-of-art facility, with the latest in technology and machinery from Switzerland.

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Dark chocolates
Real chocolate with very high cocoa content where the taste is nicely balanced between slightly bitter and sweet. The pure cocoa butter ensures a perfect texture, good shine and great taste to the delight of any chocolate connoisseur.

Milk chocolates
A perfect mixture of cocoa and premium milk to create a tender melting in the mouth. The chocolate is sweet with strong cocoa taste and very milky at the same time. The combination provides outstanding taste and a pleasing colour.

White chocolates
Chocolate made with pure cocoa butter and premium milk. Since only cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa beans is used, the mixture is off-white in colour. Pure cocoa butter gives an aromatic profile and a velvety texture.

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