Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Opportunities in the Era of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed the way we live.  And in the future it will also change the way we do business. Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. a manufacturing company in Pune realised the huge potential that came along with the crises. 

Being based in Pune, Maharashtra, and Pune clearly falls under the red zone. However, the factories and their workers are based in the outskirts and continued partial operations under strict supervision and necessary permissions by the local authorities. 

Convertex products fall under semi-essential categories. The primary product ranges from microfiber cloth, scrub pads, brooms, mops, face masks etc. Everything that residential and hospitality industries need on a daily basis.  The product life cycle is 2-3 months which is ideal given the fact that they are a produce of calibrated quality and a continuous improvement process. Being an ISO Certified under TUV Austria, Convertex products come with a promise of quality.  

We also have taken extra care to ensure the wellbeing of all our factory workers, with extra financial assistance along with regular salaries and grocery kits.

This present lockdown that started on March 22nd gave people additional time to do more of the cleaning and cooking in their own homes. And it also gave people time to ponder over the use and quality of the products. 

Many industries realised their dreams, such as farm to fork came to fruition. We saw many farmers produce at our doorstep eliminating the middle man.  Right before the lockdown, Convertex  was gearing up for its own ecommerce platform that would further equate to an app. Making it possible for the common man to enjoy factory rates without stepping out to buy products of a shelf. Given the situations, super markets will have a stranded entry back into business. 

As they lack the necessary protocol of santizations as products come from various distributor networks across the country halting at various warehouses. 

We also observed that many people unfortunately lost their jobs, and many businesses were on the brink of a shut down. The extra time helped entrepreneurs and businessmen rethink their businesses. And after the prime minister’s speech on a self-reliant India, many decided to change their lines of operations.

Importers decided it’s time to think local and be vocal. Convertex India from past 20 years has been a private label supplier to many big brands in the country. A white label industry works in a very simple manner. You can use the manufacturing companies’ production potential and market the goods with your own brand logo. One does not have to lock heavy capital in buying land and establishing a factory. 

Convertex has two factories which are Production Facilities of over 60000 sq. ft. area and 10000 sq. ft area respectively.  The established infrastructure of a manufacturing and private label companies becomes an impetus for growth for those companies that want to rebrand and sell products in a market where need recycles every 2-3 months. 

As the harbinger of change, Convertex India Pvt. Ltd. introduced a new product line in the midst of the crises. Corona Virus primary symptoms include a fever and a cold.  Anticipating that many offices will open up soon, Convertex introduced the non-contact infrared thermometer in its product line. This thermometer checks the temperature of a person without physical contact that assists people in deterring whether a person is fit to enter premises. The thermometer will become a primary requisite for societies, malls, hotels, airports and offices for the next 2 years. 

Private label clients of Convertex continued to demand products to reach their final consumers. That made it imperative that, we at Convertex continued factory operations, even though our head office was shut. Our factories worked with permission letter of local authorities. Scotch Brite and Exo are two of our clients that had necessary permissions for places of distribution. 

However, production in the times of Corona meant we needed to follow a renewed protocol for safety. All measures such as fumigation, sensitization and training were imposed prior to resuming production. 

Being a successful company from the last twenty plus years means a social responsibility toward the business houses of the country. The manufacturing companies of all essential and non-essential items will need to put in extra efforts to ensure that the final consumers do not suffer shortfall. 

While everyone was making their first efforts at baking, it were the steel scrubbers that cleaned the pots. The anxious mothers of infants were cleaning the door knobs and wiping every surface, the microfiber cloths were being the heroes that fought the bacteria. While dads were sweeping the floors for the first time, Magic Cleen mops were being admired for the ease of use. 

Corona virus will be remembered for many years to come as it gave us time to contemplate our lives and our ways of our income generations. As many companies that used to import products from China are now looking at Indian manufacturers. Infact world over, is looking at India with a hope of being the next manufacturing destination. 

We usually look at our population with dismay that we are a 1.3 billion nation, it is time to change the tone to we are a 1.3 billion nation who is capable to answer the needs of every company for both essential and non-essential products. As many companies are shifting focus, and many entrepreneurs are in the making, I want to assure you that do not be disheartened. As Coronavirus could be the blessing in disguise that we businesses needed for a long time. 

We are in the final leg of our lockdown as we witness in the ease of operations happening in many sectors. Manufacturing companies like ourselves are geared up to cater to our internal brands like Magic Cleen as well as our private label clients. In the future safety protocols will be followed, but as we look toward opening up operations full throttle, I beckon you to address the eminent need felt by the country and the world over of resuming with accelerated speed.

Stay healthy and Stay Focused to grow together as we are an interdependent nation and now is the time to build mutually beneficial associations. 

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