Monday, January 17, 2022

Offering Contract & Private Label manufacturing of Cosmetics

Cetes Cosmetics is the manufacturing arm of Oriflame. Oriflame has 50 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, serving end consumers in more than 60 markets.

Cetes has six manufacturing sites in four countries in two continents. Their major plants are in Warsaw, Poland and Noginsk, Russia and their flexible manufacturing and fast line changeover time makes them suitable both for smaller and large volume production.

Annual production of the company is over 250 million units in skin care, personal & hair care, colour cosmetics and fragrances and 300 new products launched annually. 

Their main R&D facility in Ireland has over 100 employees. This includes chemists working with creating and adapting formulations, microtesting, safety and regulatory functions. They also have a facility there for clinical testing of formulations. This facility is also organizing consumer testing of claims if needed.

Cetes provides leading-edge contract and private label manufacturing expertise backed by half a century of experience. Their long-term vision is to become a trusted partner for all the cosmetic product needs within contract manufacturing and private label.

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