Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Nuvae Healthcare and Constantia Flexibles launch a fully recyclable packaging solution

Constantia Flexibles is proud to call Nuvae Healthcare, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), its newest customer on the company’s journey to bring the recyclable flexible packaging solution EcoLamPlus to consumers.

Nuvae Healthcare’s mission is to inspire a healthy and hygienic living with convenience provided by them. They are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency. GOSAN Hand Sanitizer is one of the most important products of Nuvae Healthcare. GOSAN is an easy-to-use 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for water-free cleansing. Especially in these times, facing a pandemic, it is key to keep our hands clean at all times. So, the main purpose of the hand sanitizer is to support people to live a healthy and hygienic life, free from germs and illness. For this reason, Nuvae and Constantia Flexibles joined forces for a complete recyclable packaging made of EcoLamPlus.

EcoLamPlus laminate is one of Constantia Flexibles’ products in the monopolymer EcoLam packaging family based on PE. It is ideal to replace non-recyclable multipolymer structures where water vapor and oxygen barriers are needed, also it helps to sustain highly volatile products like alcohol. This makes EcoLamPlus a flexible packaging that is completely recyclable. Constantia Flexibles and Nuvae Healthcare cooperate closely to ensure the hand sanitizer remains efficient while the packaging remains recyclable.

“It’s a huge honour for us to partner with Nuvae Healthcare as our valued customer and to package their outstanding product, GOSAN Hand Sanitizer, with our recyclable EcoLamPlus laminates. Health and safety is one of our key pillars and that’s why Nuvae Healthcare is such a strong partner for us”, says Tony Sirohi, Executive Chairman, Constantia Flexibles India, and adds, “We are glad to have this successful and sustainable venture. Looking forward to further joint projects.”

“We are very proud of our unique formula of GOSAN. It revolutionizes personal hygiene by making it simple and highly effective. GOSAN products are paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. The health and well being of all people is our first priority. Therefore, it makes sense to also use packaging that is fully recyclable, just like EcoLam Plus. It’s a perfect combination of protecting the environment and our customers”, explains Utsavi Parekh, Director, Nuvae Healthcare. 

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