Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Nutrilicious snacks in a box to keep hunger pangs at bay

NutrisnacksBox was created with a sole purpose of providing extremely convenient wholesome snacking to every individual there by helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle. NutrisnacksBox is a collection of Handpicked nutrilicious snacks. Portion size of each packet is curated scientifically to avoid over-eating and to take care of hunger pangs throughout the day. Two single servings of healthy snacks per day are enough to avoid hunger strikes.

The products are free from additives like colours, flavours and preservatives. Recipes are made keeping a mix of healthy ingredients, processed minimally so as to maintain its wholesomeness and new products get added every month to enlighten customers’ snacking experience.

NutrisnacksBox’s healthy range of products consists of Mexican strips, spinach & herbs strips, quinoa puff, millet cracker, oat flax seed cracker, oat cranberry cookies, buckwheat cashew cookies, ragi sticks, cheese onion savory, soya bites and fenugreek crispies.

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