Wednesday, July 28, 2021

New Goodknight spray kills mosquitoes, has ‘no gas’ and smells nice

Godrej Consumer Products claims that its new Goodknight spray is the first aerosol in the household insecticide category that's made without gas.

Smart Spray, Godrej Consumer Products’s latest addition to its household insecticide line Goodknight doesn’t just kill mosquitoes. The spray can doesn’t have gas too. In a social media post, the company mentions that the Goodknight Smart Spray is the first aerosol in the category that’s made without gas.

While it comes with the usual category propositions of ‘instant action’, ‘long-lasting protection’ and fragrance, the ‘no-gas’ lure leaps out at the value conscious Indian consumer. Originally conceived by FOGG deodorants from Vini Cosmetics in 2011, the no-gas proposition has been used by several products over the years.

Among the latest is Lifebuoy surface disinfectant spray from HUL. The brand introduced a ‘no-gas germ-kill spray’ in August last year. And it rides on the simple benefit of less gas meaning more spray and hence, more bang for the buck. Godrej even went ahead to put a quantifier to its proposition. The can is supposed to deliver over seven hundred sprays.

A few other brands/products other than spray cans have used the no-gas proposition too. Gujarat-based snack brand Balaji Wafers used a long-standing consumer pain-point of chips companies selling them air.

HUL’s ready-to-drink beverage Lipton ice tea drove the same premise as well. The brand claimed that the bottled product had ‘no gas’, along with ‘no artificial flavours’ and ‘no added colours’. It was a dig at aerated beverage brands.

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