Monday, January 17, 2022

McDonald’s introduces ‘noodle masala’ flavouring to its fries

Priced at an extra Rs 20, people in north and east India will have the option to add 'noodle masala' to their French fries, or chicken McNuggets order.

The distinct flavour of ‘noodle masala’ will now make its way to McDonald’s French fries and chicken McNuggets. According to a release, the new add-on is inspired by India’s love for noodles. The release also says that the new seasoning aims to add an authentic and familiar noodle masala flavour that is savoured across the country, to fries and chicken McNuggets.

Customers can upgrade their fries or chicken McNuggets with noodle masala seasoning that comes in a separate pack, along with a shake shake bag. They can simply pour the seasoning in the shake shake bag of fries or McNuggets; shake up the mix and eat.

Commenting on the launch, Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East said, “The noodle masala has long been a favourite of Indian households. With the addition of noodle masala twist to McDonald’s world-famous fries, we are offering one more delicious feel good moment to our customers.” Priced at Rs 20, the noodle masala seasoning is a limited-time addition to McDonald’s restaurants menu across north and east India.

Customers can order the noodle masala seasoning with their favourite fries or chicken McNuggets in-store, or through McDelivery or McDonald’s app or at a drive-thru. McDonald’s world-famous fries are made from a select variety of potatoes, using 100 percent vegetable oil.

Maggi has clearly left a lasting impact on Indians’ taste buds. Noodle masala is also available as a separate seasoning in two forms – as Maggi cubes and seasoning sachets, and masala bottles.

Another way of looking at McDonald’s new product is that it is a direct result of snacking adjacency. We first heard the term when we interviewed Anil Viswanathan, marketing director of Mondelēz. He used the term to explain the evolution of sorts in the snacking segment. Mondelēz, the company behind brands like Dairy Milk, Oreo, 5 Star, Bournvita, etc., began introducing products such as Oreo Milkshake Kits, 5 Star with Oreo flavour and Dairy Milk Crackle flavoured ice cream (in association with HUL’s Kwality Walls).

“When it comes to snacking, consumers choose interchangeably between categories. Whether it’s ice cream or breakfast cereals or milkshakes or anything else, chocolate is the dominant flavour that the consumers choose. Products with 5 Star, Perk, Gems and drinking chocolate are all extensions of the Dairy Milk flavour,” Viswanathan said.

He added that at the core of it, the consumers desire novelty of texture, flavours and overall experiences. “When we brought Silk and Oreo together to create a Cadbury Silk Oreo, we were attempting to give the consumers an interesting experience. Similarly, we also have products like a Cadbury Fuse and 5 Star with Oreo flavour. Consumers know 5 Star and Oreo. When we bring the two products together, there will be curiosity about what the new product tastes like.”

It remains to be seen if the consumers will be curious to taste McDonald’s noodle-flavoured fries.

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