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Leading wet & dry wipes manufacturer

Indo Chem Laboratories is amongst one of the leading manufacturers of wet and dry wipes in India. The range manufactured by them comprises of wet wipes, baby wipes, make-up removal wipes, bed bath wipes, feminine hygiene wipes and intimate wipes.

The organization has a state-of-the-art infrastructural set up that spreads over a wide area. This infrastructure is categorized into different sub-units like procurement, manufacturing, quality testing, warehousing & packaging, R&D and sales & marketing. This infrastructural unit helps to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

Making of this range is done in compliance with the set industry norms and under FDA guidelines, utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. This ensures the product’s standard of quality, which is evident from their list of marquee clients and exports to other countries. The company manufactures for leading brands in India and abroad as well on private label and OEM basis.


Mr. Salil Pawah
Indo Chem Laboratories
  • How do you see the contract manufacturing industry shaping up in 2020?
    As more entrepreneurs and companies enter the fray the need for private label will increase as everyone has their own way of looking at problems facing the consumers and therefore their own solutions to tackle them. Customisation will become key and contract manufacturers will have to be open to investing time with the clients and custom tailoring solutions for them.
  • What do you like most about the Contract Manufacturing Industry?
    The best part of contract manufacturing is the interaction you have with clients where they require differentiated solutions and then designing products and custom formulations around those problems that they want to tackle.
  • Tell us more about your Private Label or Own-brand portfolio?
    Our own brand portfolio tries to tackle daily issues in hygiene without compromising on convenience. We always say we package convenience and launch products that take away a consumer pain point that they may or may not have known that they had. A good example of the same are our Feminine Hygiene Wipes which are used during menstruation and they help in combating UTI and balance pH levels as well as providing a soothing and gentle experience.
  • What one great thing does the Industry have going for it?
    Ans: The one great thing that the industry has going for it is the influx of the younger generation coming in with fresh ideas where everything is questioned and actual pain points tackled instead of the previous copy-paste model.
  • What is the biggest obstacle facing the Industry?
    The biggest obstacle facing the industry is over regulation and compliance that a brand owner (small or large) has to do regularly which takes away from time that could have been spent doing consumer research and marketing.
  • Your take on how can a Private Label compete with a Brand?
    With the plethora of information available online the actual final consumers are very well informed and therefore they know what product they are buying and what solution they are meant to tackle with it. With the differentiated solution centric approach we take, our clients are able to address the needs of the final consumers which helps their sales in these niche categories which in turns helps them take on conventional brands.
  • Any new product segments you plan to launch in 2020?
    We plan to experiment more with various biodegradable solutions as we feel that the way forward has to be sustainable for the entire ecosystem which comprises of the manufacturing company, the brand owner, the consumer and finally the planet as well. Only when all four are given equal importance can a truly win-win solution emerge.
  • Your management mantra
    Our management mantra is to assign tasks and responsibilities and then trust that the team as a whole will execute the same to perfection. Even if we may falter along the way that trust doesn’t change as its always about learning and a few missteps along the way don’t take away from the learning that comes from failures. The key is to understand why we did not succeed, have an open door policy and take into account all opinions no matter where they come from and try incorporating them in our subsequent efforts. Through detailed discussions on these we have managed to maintain a next to zero defect rate.
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