Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Manufacturing for the Home & Personal care space

Started in 2001, Netway has steadily grown its business through focused business development strategies to the residential, commercial and institutional segments. However the group’s existence in this business has been since the last 35 years and have evolved into a giant manufacturing company.

Quality is the main criteria for a business to grow, according to Netway and hence all aspects of quality from raw material till the finished product are closely monitored. Upgradation of manufacturing facilities and R&D are the key points which are extensively undertaken to keep themselves fit and abreast in the industry.

Netway has the largest manufacturing capacity with per day production of more than 10 tonnes. They have registered brands like ‘Action’ and ‘Greenroots’ in the home care and personal care section.

The company focuses on developing new products for their retailers as well as products in the areas like household chemicals, personal care, kitchen care and laundry section. They consult chemical engineers for their expertise of R&D from different countries which helps them to be updated with the global market.

Further expansion has taken the company’s new division to be evolved into exports and are targeting the developing countries like Africa, middle east countries.

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