Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Manufactures of ready-to-cook range of cereal pellets

A Innovative Food Products LLP was formed to manufacture ready to cook range of cereal pellets made from a wide range of base ingredients such as wheat, potato, corn, tapioca, rice and multi grains; available in a wide variety of products i.e pani puri, potato chips, 2D, pierced 3D etc. With the ever increasing growing demand of packaged foods and the changing food habits of youth, this segment is expected to grow significantly.

They have one of the finest pellet production lines from Italy. All their products are produced in fully automatic lines where no human intervention is required from raw material feeding till packing.

The company has an ultra modern laboratory with sophisticated European testing equipment. Before unloading the raw material from the truck, they check the quality and only unload if it matches their standards. During the production process tests are carried out at various stages. Finished goods are checked for taste, texture, size, color, expansion, oil absorption, moisture content, ash content, microbiological analysis and many more. 

They believe that it is their moral responsibility to ensure the quality of the products as they are made for human consumption.

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