Saturday, October 16, 2021

Manufacturers of organic, sustainable & eco-friendly products

Azafran Previè is the B2B offering of Azafran Innovacion. It revolves around the concept of sharing Azafran’s deep rooted knowledge and expertise of manufacturing organic,sustainable and eco-friendly products with other industry partners looking to embrace the same ideology.

Azafran’s team of advisors and experts engage in conceptualizing, developing and manufacturing proprietary organic, sustainable and biodegradable products for third party brands in categories such as personal care, cosmetics, edible oils, spices, grains, cereals, babycare, snacks among other categories.

In collaboration with its laboratory partners in Switzerland, Azafran also conducts research and development of new formulations to widen the offerings to its clients.

Azafran is working with leading pharmaceutical, FMCG and Ayurvedic companies to further its belief in acquiring a larger consumer fan base for organic, sustainable and biodegradable products for everyday life.

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