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Manufacturers of ‘natural’ personal care products

Founded in 2005 Kräuter is a member of the Global USD 650 million AKC Group of Companies The Group was formed over 47 years ago in Germany It is also the promotor of the AmityEducational Institutions.

We play a key role in keeping our clients ‘Future Proof’ by keeping track of future trends, innovations, disruptive ideas at Global as well as local level etc.
Kräuter offers customers a complete end to end solution right from market information and entry strategy, customized formulations, unique and environmental friendly packaging to a clean hygienic manufacturing facility.

Kräuter combines traditional knowledge with its own in house research, while choosing the best quality raw materials (and top manufacturing standards .

Specialization in “Natural” Products:
Kräuter specializes in manufacturing “Natural” Personal Care products for adults and babies. We manufacture both Natural products as well as products that have herbs as active ingredients along with approved preservatives and fragrances.

In-House Research:
At Kräuter it is a continuous practice to undertake extensive research. The in-house research facilities conducts research on herbs, formulations, quality manufacturing processes, packaging etc.

Raw Material:
Krauter procures standardized raw materials meeting internationally accepted standards. Working with an established quality management system for raw materials, Krauter judges the suitability of all materials in advance and only selects materials that pass strict standards of quality and safety.

Manufacturing Facilities:
The manufacturing facilities are ISO 22716:2007 (GMP for cosmetics) by QVC CERT and GMP certified by the Indian Drug Authorities.

Packaging Development:
In-house design team for design & development of packaging material like Labels, containers etc.

Regulatory Department:
Kräuter has in-house regulatory affairs department.

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