Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Manufacturers of mock meat

Ahimsa Food (non violent food) manufactures only vegetarian food that is a replacement of non-vegetarian food. They are the first company in India to manufacture mock meat. Products that look and taste like meat but are 100% vegetarian. 

Mock meat originated in Japan, where it was perfected by Japanese buddhist monks who were trying to wean themselves away from a meat based diet to a vegetarian diet.

The nutritional value of their products has been tested by Food Research & Analysis Centre, New Delhi. Their products contain as much protein as chicken, very low cholesterol as compared to milk, no saturated fat, no trans fat, very high fibre, very high calcium, good Mufa (Mono unsaturated fatty acid) and Pufa (Poly unsaturated fatty acid) values.

The company offers the dishes under its brand name, “Veggie Champ”.

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Their products include vegan classic chicken, vegan pepper salami, vegan Banarsi burger patty, vegan keema & mushroom burger patty, vegan fish fingers, vegan vienna hotdog, vegan tandoori burger patty, vegan classic fillet and many more.

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