Monday, July 26, 2021

Manufacturers of home & personal care formulations

Rossari Biotech manufactures a whole range of products that find application in home & personal care formulations especially in the laundry and cleaning space. Being performance enhancers, they contribute significantly to the product experience and utility. 

The company manufactures over 300 products for the customers which range from polymers that find use in the detergent and cleaning industry.

They provide customized solutions to industrial and production requirements of their customers through their diversified product portfolio.

Building upon their expertise from textiles, they have successfully diversified into the animal health & nutrition, home & personal care and performance chemicals markets as well as cleaning and coating additives markets.

In an industry that is increasingly seeking to promote sustainable manufacturing and processing, Rossari focuses on providing eco-friendly sustainable chemical solutions to the customers. They offer products for pre-treatment, dyeing and printing, finishing, as well as specialty chemicals.

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