Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Manufacturers of extruded & infant cereal ingredients

KCL FOOD is the Food Ingredient arm of the KCL Group of Companies. With over 20 years of experience as an ingredient manufacturer we have developed expertise in the product development and production using extrusion technology. We are leaders in the extruded cereal and infant cereal ingredient manufacturing in India.

We take great pride in working closely with our customers, both international leaders in the food industry as well as small brand owners. We provide both services – private labelling and ingredient supplying to our B2B clients. We provide turnkey solutions for private labelling including packaging which is done in house through the KCL Packaging Division.

Extrusion technology is an ideal way to manufacture a diverse range of products effectively to satisfy the nutritional demands of the growing world population. With an array of extensive products we have been able to satisfy the varied needs of our customers.

An increasing number of consumers are becoming aware of the importance of quality ingredients in their food products and demanding better-for-you, allergen free and diet restricted products. At KCL Food we work with our clients to develop products that satisfy these requirements and provide functional ingredients that improve the nutrition claims of the products.

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