Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Manufacturers of all types of Labels for your packaging needs

Rational Business Corporation is a fast growing dynamic organisation specialised in design, manufacture and supply of complete range of transaction supplier, office stationery, point of sale supplies, imaging products, photo products, packaging products, labels, tags, tickets, customer application forms, shopping bags and allied products, that are strategically developed and marketed all over the country.

Founded in 1935, they are a family owned business having a modest beginning as a trade house and serving clientele from diverse sectors since then. Apart from 2000+ over the counter SKU’s stocked at their 45 warehouses spread across India. The company also serve B2B clients in various industries, including courier and logistics, e-commerce, consumer banking, education, entertainment, FMCG, public transport, retail, aviation, telecom, manufacturing, automotive, diagnostic/ healthcare, parking services, star hotels, fine dine restaurants, quick service restaurants, toll concessionaires and many more.

Brands like Century, de’Smat, de’Smat Technologies, Datapack, XPrint, Solprint & X’tac are among the most preferred names of the industry. Their products are very well acceptable in the SOHO business environment as well as large corporate clients.

Rational’s mission is to empower all industries by delivering premium products and ease their everyday operations. The company’s goal is to increase efficiency and profitability to fulfill their vision, which is to provide their customers with the best product and experiences from beginning to end.


Rational’s business strategy is primarily driven by growth. The company is expanding in the national and international market by growing the core: doing more of what they are good at and combining it with developing industries e.g: e-commerce industry in India.

Rational aims to provide high quality products utilizing its 100 years of experience. Customer trust and satisfaction is important to maintain the growing client portfolio. Multiple quality checks and testing cycles are designed to ensure premium & reliable quality essential for critical applications.

The company’s business model provides competitive leverage by following low cost strategy and value engineered quality benchmarking. Competitive strategy involves winning market share by appealing to cost-conscious or price-sensitive customers. This is achieved by having the lowest prices in the target market segment, or at least the lowest price to value ratio.


Rational has two coating machines for thermal paper and one multi stage calendar. One machine is used for standard thermal coat and another for top coated variants.

Their production range includes 52 Gsm, 70 Gsm, 80 Gsm top coated, 135 Gsm TC, 180 Gsm TC, self adhesive thermal stock, non tear self adhesive stock and synthetic thermal substrate.

They have more than 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing floor and around 500+ manpower in production activity.

Product USP

The company’s product USP’s include:

  • Top coated thermal paper face which has better scratch, smudge and stain resistance compared to other options
  • Ultra precision dies from Rotometrics, USA
  • In-house adhesive formulation (hot melt-rubber based), which has been embraced by all logistic companies in India for its fail safe performance on even roughest of surfaces, like abrasive corrugations, metal surfaces, wood etc compared to any other manufacturer worldwide.
  • Solvent-less silicon which is the greenest option available as of today
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