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Leading Textile and Specialty Chemical manufacturer diversifying into Home and Personal care and additive markets

Rossari Biotech Limited is a textile and specialty chemical manufacturer with over a decade of innovative, agile, and rapid growth. They provide customized solutions to industrial and production requirements of their customers through their diversified product portfolio.

Building upon their expertise from textiles, they have successfully diversified into the animal health & nutrition, home & personal care and performance chemicals markets as well as cleaning and coating additives markets.

Rossari manufactures a whole range of products that find application in home & personal care formulations especially in the laundry and cleaning space. Being performance enhancers, they contribute significantly to the product experience and utility. The company manufactures over 300 products for the customers which range from polymers that find use in the detergent and cleaning industry.

In an industry that is increasingly seeking to promote sustainable manufacturing and processing, Rossari focuses on providing eco-friendly sustainable chemical solutions to the customers. They offer products for pre-treatment, dyeing and printing, finishing, as well as specialty chemicals.

Rossari diversified into animal health & nutrition category in 2011 and currently supplies poultry feed supplements, pet grooming and pet treats for weaning and infants. For their animal health and nutrition products, they sell the poultry feed products through a business-to-business model and pet grooming and pet treat products to retail shop owners through distributors.

WOOB had a detailed chat with Mr. Prasad Gadkari, President – Works & Private Label Business of Rossari Biotech. Here are few excerpts from the interview:


Mr. Prasad Gadkari
President – Works & Private Label Business
  • How do you see the contract manufacturing industry shaping up in 2020?
    Ans: The shifting trend of outsourcing the service to third party manufacturers in the developing economies is significantly influencing the growth of this Industry. The Indian companies, through their high quality-low cost production models, have bagged some impressive deals in the contract manufacturing space in the last few years. These deals validate India’s potential to achieve a larger share of the global manufacturing outsourcing market.
  • What do you like most about the Contract Manufacturing Industry?
    Contract manufacturing offers a great opportunity to big FMCG giants to enter into the market with a wide range of products in a short time, without having to invest huge cost on establishing the factory or other necessary facilities for their products. Which help the companies to focus more over towards the brand building exercise and leaving the specialized job of manufacturing to the trusted contract manufacturing partners.
  • Tell us more about your Private Label or Own-brand portfolio?
    Currently we are the preferred contract manufacturing partner for many leading brands in India for both MNC’s and Domestic Giants like Unilever, IFB, Bosch, Reliance Retail, Amazon, Panasonic etc for their Home & Hygiene Products. In next coming years we are planning to engage with newer customer Domestic and Global taking the company into a greater growth trajectory.
    We have kept a clear demarcation that we never compete with our own private label partners.
  • What one great thing does the Industry have going for it?
    The Contract Manufacturing helps the industries in minimizing the overall cost of production and pay more attention towards the other functional areas like the selling & marketing.”
  • What is the biggest obstacle facing the Industry?
    When introducing a new product to the market, companies need to have a strong plan for communicating requirements and expectations to contract manufacturers in order to avoid decisive missteps.
    That’s because new products often involve several components and multiple activities followed. Last-minute design changes, manufacturing delays and cost overruns can all affect your product rollout, putting the company’s relationship with the contract manufacturer at risk.
  • Your take on how can a Private Label compete with a Brand?
    With the emerge in the technology has allowed the customer to shop smarter. The rise in the Private label product success is now forcing the national brands to compete for their share in the market. High quality product with low prices have gained huge popularity in the next few years with shedding their negative stigma which has intended to shift previously brand-loyal consumer to become retailer loyal.”
  • Any new product segments you plan to launch in 2020?
    As a part of our growth trajectory we are planning to come in the Personal Care Product segment as well which shall enable us to increase are presence in the contract manufacturing space. Making Rossari a competitive company in the market.
  • Your management mantra
    MAKING YOU MORE COMPETITIVE” – We believe not winning but doing our best to provide YOU with the best in class technology, innovative products and operational efficiency. We try to operate to the highest environmental, health, safety and quality standards so as to deliver the best in class product.
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