Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Leading manufacturer of Baby care and Adult Hygiene products

PAN Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a Gujarat based company, having well diversified manufacturing activities like cotton, cements, agriculture commodities, steel, decorative laminates, oil, construction, solar power in India. 

The company has further diversified by establishing a modern hygiene care product manufacturing factory. They have started manufacturing and marketing baby diaper pants under the brand name Little Angel since 2017 and sanitary pads under the brand name Everteen. They also manufacture adult diaper pants.


Mr. Rakesh Sinha
Vice President – Sales & Marketing
Pan Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  • How do you see the contract manufacturing industry shaping up in 2020?
    I an very happy to learn that now we have a platform where different manufacturers can showcase their capabilities and retailers can contact manufacturers directly this will help resellers to reduce cost of products and offer better products at competitive price . Private label brands are a line of products in a wide range of industries that provide a lower cost alternative to the establised brands. Private label brands are growing day by day in India and almost every organised retailor has establised its own label . I think this will grow further and will compete with establised brands .
  • What do you like most about the Contract Manufacturing Industry?
    Ans: Good to have such a big opportunity to work on .
  • Tell us more about your Private Label or Own-brand portfolio?
    Ans: We are manufacturing lots of brands at our facility & continuously looking for more buyers .
  • What is the biggest obstacle facing the Industry?
    Ans: Cost of products are almost equal to the national or international brands but retailers expects best product atvery nominal price
  • Your take on how can a Private Label compete with a Brand?
    Private lable brands can very well compete with national or multinational brands by offering better quality products @ compelling pricing .
  • Any new product segments you plan to launch in 2020?
    Ans: We can offer ultrathin baby diaper pants & sanitary pads
  • Your management mantra
    Ans: Offer best infrastructure , maintain good and consistant quality for own & private label brand
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