Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Leading Hing manufacturer for the last 20 years

Mr. Bankey Bihari Agrawal
Managing Director
R.B. Industries

R.B. Industries is working in this field of manufacturing Hing (asafoetida) since 20 years and we thrive to bring the fresh and pure taste to the consumer under the registered brand name of TOTA.

We offer asafoetida made from imported naturally grown asafoetida gum which is processed to made available in fine powdered form and granules.


  • With the Corona-virus crisis continuing to impact society, what role do you see private label suppliers playing?
    During the corona virus only essential needs are able to reach consumer through various channels in this environment we saw online platforms boosting up their sales which are successfully delivery orders in a hygienic manner by following various SOP’s defined by India Govt.
  • Do you see this as an opportunity to further increase the share of private labels in key essential categories?
    Currently people are finding it hard to go into developing only the running brands are getting fulfilled due to the shortage of human resource.
  • Any measures adopted to ensure there is not much shortage in supply of essential goods? 
    Yes, we have taken up steps so that the demand and supply could be matched and we are still trying to do so.
  • Have you introduced any new product categories to meet existing demand? 
  • As the situation improves, what advice do you have for the private label industry?
    We have to learn to survive with this pandemic for some time ensuring every member of industry to be safe and yes the essential good industry will never come to an end and should keep moving.
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