Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Leading Confectionery manufacturer and exporter

Suncrest Food Makers are manufacturers & exporters of confectionery products like candies, toffees, lollipops, eclairs, chocolates, etc with it’s brand name as Derby, since 2004, having its manufacturing in Ambernath, Maharashtra.

WOOB spoke to Ankur Shah, Director – Suncrest Food Makers on how they are coping with the current pandemic and here is what he had to say:


Mr. Ankur Shah, Director
Suncrest Food Makers
  1. With the Corona-virus crisis continuing to impact society, what role do you see private label suppliers playing?
    Ans: With the corona virus crisis continuing to impact society the private label suppliers have an important role in taking highest level of precautionary & safety measures to keep the products safe & hygienic for the end consumer.
  2. Do you see this as an opportunity to further increase the share of private labels in key essential categories?
    Ans: With this crisis the consumer buying preference is certainly towards modern trade & online selling platforms who have a big opportunity by luring the end consumer with their in house brands, which in turn means a big opportunity for private label suppliers.
  3. Have you introduced any new product categories to meet existing demand?
    Ans: With reference to category of confectionery products, we have widest range of consumer packs which are reasonably priced for end consumer & conveniently small to take home.
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