Sunday, January 16, 2022

Leading business collaborative platform for FMCG, Trace One is leveraging its extensive industry reach with Trace One Marketplace

The pressure on both retailers and CPG firms to meet the constantly changing needs of a demanding consumer base has never been greater amid the COVID-19, particularly in an increasingly digitally enabled marketplace.

With its online marketplace, Trace One connects retail companies and CPG producers to spark growth. Trace One Marketplace centralizes and accelerates traditional retail processes like product discovery, networking and marketing for superior convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Trace One Marketplace was developed due to food and non-food suppliers having difficulty in connecting directly to busy retail buyers. The cost of attending trade shows, on top of managing sales teams, advertising and marketing costs, is often too much for the majority of suppliers. At the same time, retail buyers often find it difficult to find the right products at the right time.

With its Marketplace, Trace One aims to connect retail buyers of all sizes with suppliers around the world, to develop innovative products in line with consumer trends.

Trace One Aims To:

• Give every supplier the opportunity to get their products noticed by potential business clients
• Sell better and sell more anywhere, at a reduced marketing cost
• Connect retail and CPG buyers with suppliers that are focused on innovation and next-level product development
• Enable buyers to source the right products for their needs, at the right quality, both locally and globally
• Assist buyers in developing long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers.

We’ve created a global community of 20,000+ brand owners spanning more than 100 countries. Our smart solutions let them collaborate and innovate on remarkable products worth over $300 billion every year. We’ve been helping them create products that consumers really want since 2001, through bigger (and faster) thinking.

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