Tuesday, July 27, 2021

ITC presents Filo Series, an eco-friendly packaging alternative to the single use plastics

ITC posted a video on LinkedIn about the ITC Filo Series.

The post read, “The ITC Filo Series offers an eco-friendly packaging alternative to the single use plastics. The Filo Serve range of food serving and delivering applications like plates and trays are designed as a replacement for single use plastics, and are made from barrier-coated paperboard that’s exceptionally resistant to water, oil and grease! Moreover, Filo Serve packaging products are sourced from sustainably managed plantations and are 100% recyclable.”

FiloServe is designed for food serving applications like plates & trays as a replacement to single use plastics. The paperboard is coated with a special barrier that gives excellent oil & grease resistant properties. The base board is made with wood fibres from sustainably managed plantations. It comes with a superior surface finish and uniform coating and is compatible with cold and hot melt glue. FiloServe is 100% recyclable in existing standard recycling systems. The board and the barrier coating conform to stringent food contact codes.

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