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India’s most diversified Contract & Private Label manufacturing company

One of India’s most diversified Contract and Private Label manufacturing Companies with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Our business is based on our core values of integrity, innovation and initiative, focusing on delivering value to our business partners.

The Vanity Case started as a contract manufacturer and developed specialized skills in handling highly complex product and packaging formats. Scaling up from R&D to commercial production of varied batch sizes, the group can handle even highly complicated products in a short time frame. The manufacturing facilities are designed to achieve cost-effectiveness, speed and flexibility. The group offers a fully integrated facility, complete with on-site laboratories, processing, packaging, storage and shipping facilities.


Today The Vanity Case group is arguably the most diversified and versatile contract manufacturing group in the country. The range covers food and non-food, extending to cosmetics, personal care and home care products. Decades of expertise which is the result of highly experienced teams in various locations, supported by a judicious mix of machines and systems provides confidence and cost effectiveness to the customer.

The facilities are fully integrated, equipped with modern laboratories as well as processing, packaging, warehousing and logistic facilities. The group is known for its commitment to the quality systems and the focus on continuous improvement.

The group is very flexible in its approach and moreover is versatile to handle a wide range of formulations, batch sizes and packaging formats. Vanity Case group is one entity which has been able to cater to even seasonal requirements and unexpected demand overflows from marketers. New products with an immediate or short term window have been comfortably handled and nurtured by the Vanity team. That is the reason, many of the sundry jobs got transformed to long term partnerships!


The Vanity Case offers hi-speed filling and packaging capabilities for bottles, jars, and tubes as well as a wide range of secondary packaging as required by the customer.

Our facilities are capable of accommodating small runs as well as managing large volumes.

WOOB spoke to Nalini Kalra, General Manager – Private Label, The Vanity Case Group on the impact of Covid-19 and here is what she had to say:


Nalini Kalra
General Manager
The Vanity Case Group
  • With the Corona-virus crisis continuing to impact society, what role do you see private label suppliers playing?
    While it is sad to be in this situation for the world and for India, a number of new private label players have come into the Hand sanitizer and handwash space. The new players, not in this space, are looking at doing all the homework for when they can launch their products, post the lockdown
  • Do you see this as an opportunity to further increase the share of private labels in key essential categories?
    Yes, this is increasing as the consumer is not being as brand loyal for essentials and is also becoming more price conscious.
  • Any measures adopted to ensure there is not much shortage in supply of essential goods?
    In the initial days it was a challenge to run the factories both in terms of staff and material, even for manufacturing essentials, but during Lockdown 3.0 things improved considerably. With the new normal the cost of production has gone up considerably.
  • Have you introduced any new product categories to meet existing demand? 
    No, we just ramped up the production of sanitizers and handwashes
  • As the situation improves, what advice do you have for the private label industry?
    One has to see this as an opportunity to recalibrate ones offering and see if it is in sync with the post Covid times.
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