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India’s leading manufacturer of colour cosmetics with 30+ years of experience

Maxima Solutions bestows its gratitude to its parent company Aero Pharma – a name which is known in the contract manufacturing industry, for its uncompromising services, un-beatable systems and processes, that exude Trust!

With 30+ years of experience in Contract Manufacturing, the Directors of Aero Pharma, Mr. Ravi Kamat & Alok Kamat started Maxima Solutions, a Partnership firm registered in Mumbai, India. It was incorporated in Feb 2007 as an exclusive co-packer for the Colour Cosmetics Division of Hindustan Unilever at Haridwar.

Mr. Ravi Kamat
Maxima Solutions
Mr. Alok Kamat
Maxima Solutions

In 2013, Maxima Solutions started its manufacturing operations at Assangaon, Maharashtra and in 2015 at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. Both these units service to multi-clients with multiple products.

The versatility of services and products clubbed with flexibility in MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities) makes Maxima Solutions unique and a preferred manufacturer for any Multi National Company, Indian Giant or Start-Ups that wishes to enter the Indian market.

In 2013, Maxima Solutions started its manufacturing operations at Asangaon in Maharashtra and in 2015 at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. Both these units service to many clients with multiple products.


Continuing our legacy of world class products, we strive to provide innovative and quality line of products. Our team of deft professionals observes stringent quality management policies in creating a range of products that are at par with International industry standards and indisputably the best in the industry. Our products are formulated with quality ingredients in a quality controlled environment. We provide timely and secure delivery of our creations to our esteemed clients.

Maxima can be your partner to develop and manufacture all kinds of beauty products in various categories with stringent quality norms right from selecting the right raw materials, vendors’ base, supply chain, and all other related aspects.



Make up can be a style statement or fun or even something you just want to do to look different. It has been around for centuries and has been used to enhance the appearance of an individual. It is a beauty aid which helps to build your self-esteem and confidence. It is not always used for beauty though; make up has also been used for creating different character looks especially in the media industry.


Skin care is important as a healthy looking and glowing skin gives your appearance an enhancement that adds identity to your overall personality. Skin care products are used for nourishment, hydration, moisturizing and exfoliation of skin. Since skin texture can vary from oily to dry and sensitive, it is important to identify the correct skin care product best suited for your skin type.


Hair is another important part of the body that needs constant attention. Proper hair care is essential to create a lasting impression in any line of work. Well groomed, beautiful and shiny hair always add to your persona and help to build confidence by adding a poise that sets you apart. Good hair care products are vital to maintain the health and appearance of hair.


Grooming is a self-care act done regularly for optimum results. Personal care for men’s grooming is a fast growing category of products. A lot of men have now taken personal grooming to another level. Today’s men are conscious of impeccable and sophisticated looks. They understand the importance of proper grooming and professional appearance to create a positive impact in any industry.



Between our two manufacturing facilities, we are equipped to handle multiple and highly complex projects from low volumes to high volumes. We keep up with the laws of the land so that no compromises are made on the quality of our products. Our strategic locations ensure that material sourcing, as well as distribution, is a convenient and easy process.


As the name suggests, designed to dispatch takes care of everything from the designing stage to the moment it reaches to our clients warehouse. This way brands can focus energies on the non-production part while we focus on the processes in between like stability, compatibility, manufacturing, etc. This innovative and unique offering sets us apart from our competitors.

Maxima Solutions has a full fledged laboratory to carry out development of products. Maxima Solutions does not boast of carrying out basic research – “We do not want to reinvent the wheel”.

However it has a well staffed department that can do modifications to suit the Indian skin and climate as well as carry out experiments for import substitutions. This helps many clients that do not have laboratories to carry out tests that would ultimately lead to cost savings and easy availability of inputs.

Maxima Solutions therefore indirectly support’s local indigenous manufacturers by carrying out trials and stability tests using their inputs and giving unbiased reports.

With its exposure to over 5000 raw and packing materials, the team is well equipped to guide a new entrant to the country as to what the trends are and thereby help the new comer to develop a product.

Maxima Solutions thus helps to bond the local manufacturer with International marketers.

We design reason and value. We renovate products to continue to be inline with consumers demands.


The group for past 33 years have got an exposure of working with various multinational brands and companies. We are ready and equipped to run a factory which is a dedicated unit where our group takes up the responsibility of doing the operations part of the business.

We believe that in order to succeed, a company needs to work smoothly. This is where management comes into play. We deliver value through industry-focused offerings, experienced personnel and accurate information.


Partner of Maxima Solutions Mr. Alok Kamat in the year 2009 started new company Alkam Licence Products Pvt. Ltd. with a clear idea of starting a Licensing & Distribution company catering to India and its sub continents. Now with more than 8 years of experience Mr. Alok has wide understanding of sales and distribution knowledge that a brand needs to place the product in Indian market. With the USP and strengths of Alkam, these services are available with expertise of the group.

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