Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Gift good health to your loved ones this festive season

Here are a few brands to consider which are delivering at your doorstep with just one click.

Festive season is around the corner and is celebrated with great zeal especially in India. Festivals are all about blessings and happiness that we share with our loved ones in the form of gifts. Deciding a gift and making sure it is useful is really important.

Due to Covid, we have seen a major shift of consumer preferences changing towards healthy eating and opting for a healthy lifestyle. People have become more health conscious more than ever as they have realised that building a strong immunity system is the need of the hour. 

This festive season, let’s encourage our loved ones to start a healthy lifestyle by giving them health and wellness.

Here are a few brands to consider which are delivering at your doorstep with just one click:

Gaia: Leading health and wellness brand Gaia is offering healthy gifting options. The brand has brought assured quality to the Indian market, making health solutions accessible to all. It has spurred a movement of healthy living among Indians by offering a wide range of healthy substitutes. The brand is launching 3 variants of celebration packs in the market prior to the festive season. Now give your loved ones the promise of good health with Gaia’s Celebration packs.

Fruit Box & Co.: Fruit Box & Co. offers the best quality of fruits & vegetables to extend invigorating nutrition options to consumers at the comfort of their doorsteps. It is one of the pioneer names in its niche that provides a huge range of imported, local, seasonal and exotic fruits & vegetables. Focusing on health, quality and convenience, the company believes in sourcing its products straight from the farmers and seeks to deliver the highest consumer satisfaction and goodwill.

OZiva: OZiva, pioneers in clean plant-based nutrition has a variety of products for daily fitness and lifestyle, nutra-cosmetics for hair and skin care for all age groups. They are committed to supporting every single person who wants to be a better version of themselves and wants to ensure that people achieve the best fitness, physically & mentally, with high quality clean nutrition – the one that the body truly deserves.

Evocus H2O: Black is super trending and classy, so why not give your dear ones something that is not cliche and super healthy, Black Water! Enriched with 70+ minerals, Evocus H2O is new-age black alkaline water by AV Organics. The product is 100% natural and helps with sustained hydration, better detoxification, reduced acidity, improved metabolism, heightened alertness, and balanced pH levels in the body. It gets sourced from the earth’s rich crust and derives its bold black color from the goodness and purity of nature’s rare minerals. Evocus is also soon going to be launched in Goa at various HORECA outlets.

Aadvik Foods: Being lactose intolerant is very common these days and it will not be a good idea to gift sweets made of regular dairy if they also suffer from the same issue. No worries! You can spice up your bestie’s taste buds with Aadvik’s premium Camel Milk Chocolate range that includes variants with chilli & herbs, almonds and dates to pamper your taste buds.

The camel milk contents make them suitable for lactose intolerant individuals. Moreover, being enriched with vitamins, minerals, insulin, and unsaturated fatty acids, these chocolates will definitely be a tastier and healthier alternative for your friends to satisfy their sweet tooth without any guilt.

Rage Coffee: If you have friends and family who are big coffee lovers and their day doesn’t begin without a proper cup of aromatic coffee, this is the best gift box you can send them across! Rage Coffee is a natural plant-based coffee brand made of 100% Arabica beans and sourced exclusively from high farms in India & Ethiopia.

The taste and aroma of this coffee will kick-start your mornings and will keep your caffeine experience at its peak. This coffee can also help in boosting energy levels and enhancing fitness. It is vegan and gluten-free and doesn’t contain any added preservatives, sugar or colourant, would be a great choice if you are diet and health-conscious. A unique aromatic blend of herbs & caffeine with clean flavours, no bitterness and no acid reflux. Improved focus, boosted energy, enhanced fitness and a sustained burst of energy throughout the day.

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