Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Food Processing company with an extensive range of F&B products

Headquartered at Aurangabad, Foodrite India, the food division of M/s Radiant Indus Chem Pvt Ltd is a growing food processing company with a wide range of products catering to the needs of retail consumers and the requirements of the food & beverage industry. The company is headquartered at Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

The company aims to touch and improve the lives of its consumers by offering a wide range of products catering to their changing needs, lifestyle and aspirations. The company would like to be a preferred partner with the institutional customers in the food & beverage service industry.

Radiant Indus Chem’s products include mayonnaise, tomato ketchup & culinary sauces, Chinese sauces, jams, sharbat, syrup, squashes, crushes, toppings and pickles.

Radiant Indus Chem is committed to satisfying its customers by developing and providing safe and quality food products, conducting its business efficiently, being legally compliant and maintaining long term cordial relations with clients while continuously striving to improve its food safety management systems.

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