Monday, January 17, 2022

Find nature’s finest fruits in liquid

Chitale Agro is engaged in the processing of fruits including mango, banana, papaya, guava and tomato, to name a few, with extensive experience in manufacturing and packaging of pulps, juices & concentrates that adhere to stringent quality norms. The production unit’s proximity to the mango-rich belt of Ratnagiri and Deogadh, offers a naturally gifted advantage where only the best are handpicked.

Different products of Chitale Agro includes tomato puree, mango pulp, pomegranate juice, banana puree, guava pulp, papaya pulp, acidified banana concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, tomato concentrate, guava concentrate and Totapuri mango concentrate.

The company’s penchant for automation is amply reflected in the ultra-modern, state-of-the-art technology adopted at the Agro plant, which boasts of a fruit-handling capacity of three to five tonnes per hour. This global-standard production setup has helped them collaborate with many international markets like the USA, Singapore and Israel.

Quality control processes, driven by foolproof automated technology are Chitale Agro’s secret to manufacturing top-of-the-range products with military precision and consistency. Simplified operation and timely maintenance practices have been aligned at every step of the process to ensure judicious utilization of resources.

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