Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Suppliers of premium quality frozen foods

Swadhika Foods is a leading supplier and exporter of premium quality frozen IQF fruits & vegetables and frozen ready to eat/cook foods. Their products are 100% natural, fresh and unadulterated devoid of synthetic colours or preservatives. State-of-art-technology machines ensure the natural taste of the products in its original state of health.

The company has the expertise to select the most premium fresh produce and also has the network with the best partners to ensure reliable source, produce and product.

Planted in the finest soils of India, Swadhika Foods process their high quality vegetables and fruits according to their customer’s specifications and standards.

Their products include frozen cut fruits and vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables, frozen ready-to-cook/ eat products, freeze dried – fruits & vegetables and fruits & vegetables – dehydrated & spray dried powder.

Their pilot plant situated in the heart of the mango belt of India, has evolved to be an innovation centre, which nurtures creativity and research and also ensures sustained growth and continual improvement in food safety and quality assurance.

The company has accredited certifications such as FSSAI, APEDA, ISO & FDA and their processing plants are qualified with international certifications viz., BRC, HACCP, Kosher, FDA, Halal, etc. to meet international food safety standards.


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