Monday, July 26, 2021

Easysnap – the best solution for packing liquid & gel products

Easysnap is the best solution for packing liquid and gel products for food and nutraceuticals, cosmoceuticals, liquid detergents, promotional packs and many others.

Packing in single-dose, Easysnap packages is safe for consumers (always precise doses and easy to administer), sustainable for the environment (reducing wastage of excess product), and useful for manufacturers (easy to deliver and distribute).

Maithilee Joshi, Business Development & Marketing at Nichrome India said, “Customers complaining about hard-to-open sachets? Get Easysnap, the innovative, worldwide patented, one-hand opening technology by Easysnap, Italy. The new standard for single-dose units of liquid foods, cosmetics & chemicals. Convenience and mobility like never before!”

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