Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Delicious & nutritious! Here’s everything you need to know about flavoured milk

Since our childhood, we have been habituated to drinking milk daily. Of course, it is a superfood, loaded with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamins, phosphorus, but the taste might be an issue for some. And what’s the solution to that? Flavoured milk! 

What is flavoured milk?

In simple terms, flavoured milk has an added taste according to a personal liking. The fact that it’s available in a range of flavours makes it a refreshing drink for everyone. Heritage’s flavoured milk comes in many fruity flavours and gourmet flavours like pineapple, badam, strawberry, banana, chocolate, vanilla and rose. They are packed in ready-to-drink bottles and have a shelf life of 120 days from the date of manufacturing. What does that mean? Unlike regular milk, flavoured milk stays fresh for long. 

How healthy is flavoured milk?

Flavoured milk, like regular milk, holds the same nutrients with just one added difference, sugar. But on an average, that contributes to 3% of the total amount of sugar consumed by a person every day. Heritage Badam flavoured milk is made with double toned milk which has 1.5% healthy fat, beneficial carbohydrates and protein needed for energy and recovery after workouts. It also has calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, b12, D and riboflavin, making this a great post-exercise drink. 

So, is flavoured milk healthy? Yes, it is. It’s also easily available in the Indian market. You can go to your nearest supermarket and look for Heritage flavoured milk or download the Heritage TUCH app on your phone and order it to your doorstep.

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