Monday, July 26, 2021

Contract manufacturing & co-packaging for fruit juices

Organico undertakes contract manufacturing and co-packaging for the fruit juices. Their aim is to be an end-to-end service provider in this segment.

They are a beverage contract manufacturing company located in Mumbai. They are highly experienced in the processing and manufacturing field and they can process a large selection of bottle sizes ranging from 160 ml to 2 litres for fruit juices in assorted shapes.

Organico operates as an aid to the companies who deal in manufacturing fruit juices and beverages. Here, their clients will procure all the raw material and packaging material from various sources and they offer a dedicated area to store the raw material. The company provides essential infrastructure to process the product.

Private label juice manufacturing is a cost-effective and lucrative offering and they characterize themselves as contract manufacturers who undertake a product processing for their customers. This process initiates with your brand name and the packaging of your choice. They provide their customers with the raw material and development support to help settle upon a product, and also find the right packaging to strategically place the product based on the market requirement.

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