Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Bringing fruits in manifestation closest to the quality of nature

Starting in 1958 with making six bottles of jams a day, Mala’s exhibits over 800 tonnes of jam production today. In the 50’s, the idea of flavorizing fruits in the form of jams was alien to the locals. However, the vision to make the jam a household name made the founder Mr. Taiyab Mala acquire the basic technical skills and knowledge of jam making from various institutes in later years. Mr. Mala made his home the production base for expansion of his vision and this was the birth of the fruit-based goodie manufacturing company, Mala’s.

Mala’s promises to leave every taste-bud as gratified as their fruitful journey in building one of the sought after processed fruits companies. They are also committed in bringing the fruits in a manifestation closest to the quality that nature’s intended.

Mala’s wide range of products consists of mocktails, fruit syrups, cordials & squashes, herbal syrups, all sauces, fruit fillings, glazing gell, bakery paste, froogle, mello jells, fruit stone, frumelt, hazelnut chocolate, fruit crushes, jams, fruit jams, zero sugar jams and ketchups.

Mala’s is a value driven company that focuses on teamwork, communication, accountability, quality and passion. The company is a boon to the localities as it is their bread, butter and jam!

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