Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Bringing authentic flavours to your kitchen

Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, Farmking Food Products Pvt Ltd endeavours to reach the heart of their connoisseurs with the peerless aroma and flavour of the food items they offer. It brings the best of such treasures directly from the farmers of native spices in their unadulterated forms. 

They ensure that the culinary and natural benefits are not compromised when they are treated and packaged from merchandising. The company’s driving force is to avail healthy, unadulterated, nutritious and natural food to the people.

Farmking provides a wide range of products in basic spices, blended spices, whole spices, broken pulses, whole pulses and oilseeds.

The company has incorporated cutting edge technology and some of their advanced technologies are ‘Cryogenic Processes and ‘ETO sterilization’. Cryogenic process ensures that the colour, aroma and nutritional value of the food remain intact and sterilization is a controlled heating process used to completely eliminate all living micro-organisms from the food. 

Farmking boasts about one of the best-in-class micro labs in the country, where all mandated tests are carried out in order to maintain strictest quality in food items. A consignment goes through many rounds of rigorous checking before it leaves the factory premises for delivery.

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