Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Bizongo designs new brand image for Sesa

Bizongo, a leading Indian digital supply chain system for auto-replenishment of packaging, which also designs and develops packaging solutions has announced the unveiling of the new brand image for FMCG major Sesa’s hair care range and hand rub. 

The reimagined branding is futuristic while playing to Sesa’s core strength of manufacturing modern products based on centuries old ayurveda. The new premium packaging widens Sesa’s reach in the affordable luxury category and extends the brand life without needing a revamp anytime soon.

The new Sesa logo exudes modernity inspired by the contours of the natural form. The new logo is a combination of stylized semi-serif for the wordmark ‘Sesa’ and san serif (Helvetica) combination for sub-category. The use of a Helvetica-style typeface makes the copy on the packaging appear crisp and legible, further demonstrating Sesa’s commitment to making relatable consumer products.

Commenting on the new brand identity, Sachin Agrawal, Co-founder and COO of Bizongo said, “I am delighted with the new brand identity that Bizongo’s in-house design team created for Sesa. It fulfills the challenge of retaining aspects that made it such a popular product while including changes in the logo and packaging design to make it more aspirational. The new design is more sophisticated and contemporary to target younger consumers and serve the product well even in export markets without losing its unique personality.”

Meanwhile, green was introduced as an important color to cue in the natural aspect of the product. The icons were redesigned with a similar visual style. The blend of organic and ornamental elements conveys Sesa’s roots in natural ingredients and age-old Indian tradition. The design styling communicates credibility and confidence, while the colors bring natural cues, trustworthiness, and approachability to the brand.

“Sesa is a heritage brand that enjoys strong recall and loyalty in the ayurvedic anti-hair fall segment. As we expand our portfolio and enter into newer segments, reimagining Sesa was key to appeal to a wider set of audience. Bizongo has played a pivotal role here with their work on Sesa’s brand identity and packaging solutions,” said Ashish Bhargava, Chief Executive Officer of Sesa Care.

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