Sunday, January 16, 2022

Azafran creates cosmos & eco certified sunscreen

Many people are unaware that the ocean produces more than half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs 50 times more CO2 than our atmosphere. The ocean is vital to our existence. 

Oceans and reefs have been in jeopardy for the past three decades. Coral reefs may be extinct in the next 30 years, and 30% of the world’s reefs have been irrevocably devastated. 

Coral reefs are the ocean’s rainforests, home to millions of aquatic creatures. If corals are extinct, the life that depends on them becomes extinct as well. 

Azafran has been working with their research team to address this issue and develop sunscreen products that provide high photo protection while having a low environmental impact.

Azafran created cosmos & eco certified sunscreen by reducing the number of UV filters and their concentrations by utilising non-hydrosoluble UV filters.

Skin Safe. Reef Safe – an initiative by the company, is committed to make a difference by eliminating the negative impact of sunscreens and other products on our environment and oceans.

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