Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Amul presses against concessions to the US on dairy imports as part of the proposed mini-trade deal

R S Sodhi
Managing Director

With India and the United States (US) expected to finalise a mini trade deal soon, the Managing Director of Amul, R S Sodhi on Monday (August 24) pressed that India must not give any concessions to the US on dairy imports, reports Economic Times.

Sodhi explained that the US Government gives a whopping $28 billion of subsidies to its dairy sector each year, resulting in cheaper products which if imported into India, could cause much damage to livelihoods of millions of farmers.

“How will India face these subsidised products?” asked Sodhi while stressing that the present policy over the years has not only helped India achieve self-sufficiency, but has also turned it into the largest dairy producer in the world.

Sodhi also asserted that while India imposes 30-60% import duties on dairy products, the US imposes a higher 60-70% import duty on the same. However, India has not asked the US for any import duty cuts, said Sodhi.

Sodhi emphasised that agriculture and dairy are not trade issues for India, but livelihood issues.

Sodhi also called on the Government to push for dairy exports to top 10 dairy importers like Russia, Europe, Mexico and China which do not allow imports from India by instituting non-trade barriers.

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