Wednesday, July 28, 2021

AllMask – Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes for a hygienic environment

Innovative Cleaning Wipes to suit all needs

A Mumbai based leading OEM/ private labelling and contract manufacturing company, Jainam Invamed is appreciated by customers for fulfilling their needs of medical disposables, hygiene & cosmetic wipes (ALLWIPES) and products like facial sheet mask, body mask and cosmetic pads (ALLMASK).

ALLMASK specializes in skincare products like facial sheet mask and mask sheets with various soothing effects. They have the widest range of over 500 beauty masks variants. They make dry and wet facial masks, wipes, beauty masks (private label skincare products) and cosmetic pads for makeup and nail paint removal.
They offer an extensive range of variants in beauty sheet masks and wipes to their clients. ALLMASK is a leading OEM and private label manufacturer for beauty masks in Mumbai, India.

Facial sheet masks, wipes, and pads are an individual’s product. It has its own ‘personal feel’ to the entire packaging as well as branding. Packages in a flat thin wrap, sheet masks stay cool as well as active for a long time. It is convenient to buy over the counter and carry in a bag or cosmetic kit. It quickly becomes one in the kit and increases its usage eventually. Sheet masks infused with great activators and natural essence are comfortable and convenient to use.

The company follows all the standards and quality practices laid down under the third party manufacturing and proudly features their widest range of variants in facial sheet masks. They value the clients’ goals as a brand and put their efforts in leveraging their products and giving the best experience to the customers.
ALLMASK has a process laid from finalizing the variants and product range to the end delivery to the client. With this assistance, their clients can focus on their marketing activity, and products rest assured.

ALLMASK has over 15 years of industry experience in non-woven facial sheets. They have seen the curve of demand and the usage of sheets as masks, body patches, and cosmetic wipes. The process is simple; design the sheets, the masks, and also innovate with the various activators. The general combination for their clients is as simple as selecting a sheet, adding an activator, and choosing several bases to it.
They aim to become a well-known and best sheet mask manufacturer across the beauty domain. They are working day and night to become India’s largest third-party, private label sheet mask manufacturer. Their products are 100% organic, 100% made in India, and unique.

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