Monday, September 20, 2021

Al Areesh’ new look branding & packaging highlights brand’s strong heritage as a homegrown UAE product

Al Areesh' 'Taste of Authenticity' promise emphasizes consistent offering of genuine authentic flavors across the GCC.

Al Areesh, the flagship brand of UAE-based value-added food manufacturing firm Global Food Industries’ (GFI) Frozen Division has launched its new look and packaging to highlight the brand’s strong links with the UAE’s heritage and culture.

With a brand name that traces its origins from ‘Areesh’, the square or rectangular shaped houses that Emiratis built using palm fronds, the rebrand also aims to reinforce the sense of pride among its employees as the people behind a thriving homegrown UAE food brand.

“Al Areesh has continuously provided a genuinely authentic taste experience across the GCC for more than 20 years from its home in the UAE,” Tina Siegismund, Head of Marketing & Innovations at GFI’s Frozen Division said. “It is therefore fitting that with such deep connection of the brand name itself with the country, as well as its delicious taste that has been greatly influenced by local authentic flavors and ingredients, our branding now proudly reflects the brand’s heritage and ‘Taste of Authenticity’ promise.”

To further promote the brand and expand its market share, Al Areesh has heightened its brand marketing activities. These include its active participation at Gulfood 2021 in February where it launched its plant-based burgers made from pea protein and showcased its Chicken Burger made with Salicornia. Al Areesh has likewise implemented pro-active in-store activations that include promoters, flyers and category branding across 14 outlets, with a 12-meter mega display within Union Coop in Al Barsha, which helped achieve category domination for the brand.

Al Areesh has also increased its presence in mega retail outlets like Carrefour by expanding its product offering of its highly successful and top-selling Zing products, as well as its Krazy Nuggets, Breaded Fillet and the Chicken Burger products.

During the recent observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Al Areesh also took the opportunity to strengthen its connection with consumers, especially in addressing the need for healthy and delicious meals before and after fasting. It signed up two influencers, @dinainthekitchan, a professional chef, and @salwaazzam, a famous lifestyle influencer in the UAE and KSA, who together embarked on a fun way to spice up iftar and suhoor meals and created recipes out of ingredients contained in an Al Areesh Mystery Box.

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