Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A perfect combination of Tasty and Healthy Chocolates

Since its establishment in 1994, Mahak Group’s passion for providing quality and pure products has always been the chief premise for the brand. They take immense pride in claiming that the expertise they have polished over the years and their strong hold over the process allow their products to match the international standards.

The tradition on which they lay their foundation is all about delivering both taste and health with the highest care of handling and packaging. Fostering a pioneering and dedicated zest, Mahak Group has indulged in strengthening its core business with planting moments of delights in their customer’s life.

Mahak Group’s gamut of products includes ChocOn Chocolatey bar in its several variants like Mint-ChocOn, ChocOn-chocolaty gold, Dudiere, P-nutz, Jelly Belly, Fruit Dessert tray/box, Milk-n- Nut Nariyal Mithai, Fruit Jel Filled Toys, Frugurt, Jelly Pud, Chocolatey Gold & Milcréme Crunchy bar, Nougat and confectionaries like Eclairs, Funchoos Lollipop, Coconut Candy, Milcians, Tingler, and many more. To conquer new heights and create a strong brand identity, the company also brought on board Janhvi Kapoor as ChocOn’s brand ambassador.

In the process of cooking up innovative flavours, the company endeavours hard to endow customers with quality products maintaining stringent quality control methods throughout the production process. They have a robust distribution channel of 85 super stockists, 1450 stockists and a retailer base of above 300,000 in all over India.

Mahak has made their prominent mark in the Jelly industry and are in the process to conquer the confectionary market as well. With the extensive growth in confectionary, laminated candy and aeration technique, they are looking forward to achieving many more heights.

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